Walter E. Williams on the Constitution

Williams gets it right, as usual. Too bad this guy wasn’t the1st black president. I wonder if a lot of folks understand the English language well enough to comprehend what he has to say. Every time he puts something out in print it is total wisdom. Have you ever heard him speak? Same thing. I’d like to go to GWU and just attend all his classes.

Some of us are waking up anyway…I am very glad to see the actions being taken to reign in DC via the Constitution; it was successful to a degree on FDR, if they don’t stop til they get to the Supreme Court….it might work.

But the States are going to be the real battle lines. Remember George Wallace? At the height of those tensions in Alabama he had his police and the federal troops (National Guard) face to face in the streets, and he was on the phone with the Oval Office, telling the Kennedys to FO. That’s what will need to happen here.  Governors against the President. Then people will really start to ‘wake up’.

The new anti-federal gun laws in Idaho and Montana and the other states are a great start.

The 10th Amendment and Nullification are the tools.  Ultimately there needs to be a Constitutional Convention, to reverse the illegal laws, overturn the misuse of the ‘Commerce clause’, and more. Some crazy judge over 100 years ago came up with the bastardization ruling of it (Article One, Section Eight, US Constitution)  and it’s been a merry ride for Congress ever since, taking control of the money in this country, creating the Fed and IRS etc. It’s all out of control. But maybe we needed someone like Obama to show us how bad we’ve let it get.


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